Friday, October 25, 2013


 Baked this Chocolate Indulgence Cake for the 2nd time this year, This time its for my ex- sec school classmate birthday. As if the chocolate-filled mousse in between the layers are not enough, I had placed some Belgium praline chocolate on top of the cake. And that is why I called Sinful! If you ever bake this cake, you may have noticed some flaws LOL! Never mind, there's always a third attempt. Didnt manage to get much of the dissected cake piece though.


Ummi said...

Assalamualaikum BR, lamanya x ke udara yea...alhamdulillah masih berkongsi...nampak cukup sedap kek nih...Ummi pun pernah belajar dgn Chef Amer haritu, x terbuat-buat lagik...hehee..

Bel Lu said...

nampaknya cantik...can i have the recipe?? i pun nak cuba

Anonymous said...

Miss reading yr blog. Wish youll update yr activities soon. i pray for you n family's health.